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Sunday, September 26 2021


Is space infinite? 5 experts speak

11-Aug-2021 Web

We’ve known for some time now our universe is expanding, and in recent years discovered this was happening considerably faster than we’d...

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An old volcanic “supereruption” caused sudden cooling, and early humans were lucky

20-Jul-2021 Web

Recent eruptions like the 1991 Mount Pinatubo eruption in the...

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Breakthrough to big-time took 75 years, the first mobile call was in 1946

19-Jul-2021 Web

People now take this type of technology for granted, but not so long ago it was firmly in the realm of science...

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Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin: can they be more than ‘space’ joyrides?

17-Jul-2021 Web

The definition of where space begins is very subjective. The Kármán line is a distance of 100km (62 miles), determined in...

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Silenced in China: the COVID ‘truth-tellers’ and political dissent

17-Jul-2021 Web

These “COVID truth-tellers” as they became known, provide a window through which to glimpse the nature of political dissent in China...

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COVID-19 budget pressures threaten curiosity-driven science

12-Jul-2021 Web

A shift in government spending is likely to continue in the coming months and years. So, where does this leave blue skies...

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How tiny plastic particles in the oceans are tracked with satellites

10-Jul-2021 Web

Plastic is the most common type of debris floating in the world’s...

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Fish hooked on meth – the consequences of freshwater pollution

07-Jul-2021 Web

Once in the environment, drugs and their byproducts can affect...

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Climate change threatens Antarctic krill and the sea life that depends on it

05-Jul-2021 Web

The ramifications will reverberate up the food chain with implications for other Antarctic...

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COVID-19: whether fake news actually changes people’s behaviour

02-Jul-2021 Web

 The wave of misinformation was so great that the authorities coined a word for...

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COVID lab-leak theory: ‘rare’ doesn’t mean the virus was engineered

30-Jun-2021 Web

These viruses are well studied in China, where the 2002 Sars outbreak originated. But related viruses have been found...

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