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Ayushman Card: Are You Facing Issues Getting Your Ayushman Card Made?

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The Ayushman Card, part of India’s ambitious Ayushman Bharat scheme, is designed to provide healthcare access to the nation’s underprivileged sections. It is a pivotal element in ensuring that healthcare becomes a universal right rather than a privilege. However, many eligible beneficiaries face hurdles in obtaining their Ayushman Card. This article explores these issues and offers guidance on how to navigate the complexities of the Ayushman Card application and download processes.


Understanding the Ayushman Card
The Ayushman Card grants holders access to a network of healthcare services under the Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB-PMJAY). This initiative aims to cover over 500 million individuals, providing them with a cover of up to 5 lakh rupees per family per year for secondary and tertiary care hospitalizations. Despite these benefits, obtaining an Ayushman Card can sometimes be a challenge due to systemic, technical, and logistical issues.

Common Issues with Ayushman Card Applications

1. Eligibility Confusion

One of the most frequent concerns people have is regarding eligibility. The scheme targets the poorest, most vulnerable families based on complex criteria involving family structure, income, and occupational hazard. Potential beneficiaries often struggle with understanding whether they qualify for the card, and as a result, they may not even attempt to apply.

2. Documentation and Data Errors

For those who determine they are eligible, the next hurdle is often gathering the correct documentation. The Ayushman Card application process requires specific documents to verify identity and eligibility. Common issues include discrepancies in names or details across different government documents, which can lead to applications being rejected.

3. Technical Glitches

Technical issues often plague users of the online platform for the Ayushman Card application and download. Applicants frequently report difficulties in accessing the portal or errors during the upload of necessary documents. This can be particularly frustrating for users in remote areas with unstable internet connections.

4. Lack of Awareness and Outreach

Many individuals eligible for an Ayushman Card are not even aware of the scheme or how to apply. This lack of awareness is significantly higher in rural and remote areas. Even when individuals are aware, they may not know how to initiate the Ayushman Card download process or where to go for help.

Steps to Overcome Issues in Obtaining an Ayushman Card

1. Verify Eligibility

The first step in resolving Ayushman Card issues is to confirm eligibility. This can be done through the official PMJAY portal or by visiting a nearby Common Service Centre (CSC). These centers can help individuals understand the eligibility criteria and assist in the preliminary steps of the application process.

2. Prepare the Correct Documentation

Before applying, ensure all necessary documents are correct and updated. This includes government IDs, income certificates, and any other required papers. Having the right documents ready can significantly smooth out the application process.

3. Use Reliable Internet for Online Application

For those who choose to apply online or initiate an Ayushman Card download, it is advisable to use a reliable internet connection. If possible, completing this process in urban centers or places known for better connectivity can help avoid interruptions and errors.

4. Seek Assistance at CSCs

Common Service Centres are a boon for applicants facing difficulties. Staff at CSCs are trained to handle both applications and troubleshooting. They can guide applicants through the Ayushman Card download process, ensuring that the digital aspects of the application do not become a barrier.

5. Regular Follow-Ups

Once the application is submitted, it is crucial to follow up regularly. Keeping in touch with the health officers in charge of your application can provide updates and help push the process if it stalls.

Leveraging Technology for Easier Access

To address the technical challenges faced by applicants, ongoing improvements to the online platforms are necessary. Enhancing the user interface and server capabilities can make the Ayushman Card download process smoother and more accessible to all.


The Ayushman Card represents a significant step towards equitable healthcare access in India. While there are challenges in obtaining the card, understanding these issues and knowing how to navigate them can make the process much less daunting. By verifying eligibility, preparing the correct documentation, using reliable internet services, seeking help at CSCs, and following up diligently, applicants can overcome most hurdles. The success of the Ayushman Card not only improves health outcomes for individuals and families but also strengthens the health infrastructure of the nation. As such, it is imperative for both applicants and the authorities to work together in ensuring that no eligible beneficiary is left behind due to procedural complexities.