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The Editorial team of is committed to doing its best to publish accurate information across all of its content. Accuracy over speed is their preference.

How do they do this?

  1. In pursuit of The Editorial team is committed to
    1. prefer due accuracy over speed
    2. Source Checks and investigation of claims with appropriate unbiased skepticism. Corroboration is the preferred accuracy check method.
    3. Claims, allegations, material facts, and other content that cannot be corroborated is normally be attributed
    4. Avoid speculation or unfounded conclusions
    5. nix deliberate plagiarism in the bud.
    6. not to distort facts in its own view or present invented material as fact.
    7. correct its output based on legitimate feedback as quickly as possible
    8. an editorial review of reporters stories (Reporters are required to conduct their own fact check, guided by the ethics policy before submitting a story) prior to publication to avoid factual and other errors which might distort the message of the story; however, this will depend on several factors including complexity, sensitivity, and the pressure of time.