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Global Scholars Gather at AMU for English Language Teaching Conference


linguists, ELT specialists, cross-cultural communication specialists, and faculty members gathered for a three-day international conference hosted by Aligarh Muslim University’s (AMU) Department of English to discuss various interdisciplinary aspects of teaching English.


Participants in the conference discussed subjects like AI-generated lessons, constructive teaching methods, and English language teaching methodologies. Along with discussing appropriate pedagogy and assessment to address learning crises, they also discussed approaches and pedagogies related to cultures, regions, and needs.

Titled “Appropriate Teaching Methodologies in Interdisciplinary Context: Mapping the Sociolinguistic Diversity,” the conference was sponsored by ICSSR, New Delhi.

“English is the language of the world. Whoever and wherever English is to be taught, it has to be taught in the way they speak the language,” remarked Prof Suresh Canagarajah, Edwin Erle Sparks Professor at the Department of Applied Linguistics and English, Penn State University, USA.

Avinash Kumar Singh, the head of NIEPA’s Department of Educational Policy in New Delhi, emphasised the importance of these conferences in promoting multidisciplinary research. He talked about the socio-linguistic polarity in education, concentrating on the learning obstacles faced by underprivileged communities. He cited reports from the World Bank that showed high dropout rates in isolated tribal language areas as a result of language barriers.

Over 130 research papers were presented at the conference, which included 61 offline and 120 online paper reading sessions. The topics included sociolinguistic diversity, multiculturalism, artificial intelligence in English language teaching, sociology, and second language acquisition.

Anupama T’s research paper titled “Impact of Digital Technology on Inclusiveness and Linguistic Diversity” received the best paper award. Ms Syyada Faheem, Assistant Professor at University Polytechnic, AMU, and Dr Md Sajidul Islam, Associate Professor at the Department of English, AMU, received the award for the best paper in the teacher category for their paper on “English Language Teaching Methodologies for Engineering.”

In the Research Scholars’ category, Aleena Khan, a Research Scholar at the School of English Language Education, EFLU, Hyderabad, along with professor ME Veda Sharan, Dean of the School of English Language Education, EFLU, Hyderabad, received the best paper award. Ms Inshirah Agwan, MA ELT student at the Department of English, AMU, secured the best paper award in the PG students’ category.

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