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Manipal Hospitals Partners with GOLA Foundation for Organ Donation Message

Manipal Hospitals Partners With Gola Foundation For Organ Donation
Image: “Manipal Hospital” by joegoauk73 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.
Bengaluru: Manipal Hospitals announces its significant collaboration with Anil Srivastsa, Founder of Gift of Life Adventure (GOLA) Foundation, in an ambitious effort to raise global awareness for organ donation.
This partnership supports Anil’s monumental year long journey as an Indian Athlete to the World Transplant Games 2025 in Germany which will commence in July, 2024, during Organ Donation Month in Bengaluru.
The route will culminate in Dresden, Germany on August 10, 2025, marking the 100th country visited by Anil by road on this life-changing mission.
Anil Srivastsa, native from Bangalore and esteemed life coach, commenced his journey advocating for organ donation nearly a decade ago following a transformative incident.
In 2014, Anil’s brother, Dr Arjun Srivats are required a life-saving transplant due to severe renal failure.
In a remarkable act of courage and love, Anil, donated one of his kidneys and underwent surgery at Manipal Hospitals in Yeshwantpur.
This act highlighted the prevalent misconceptions and reluctance surrounding organ donation within India.
Since that pivotal moment, Anil has dedicated himself to dispelling myths and promoting the noble act of organ donation.
On this occasion, Dr Sudarshan Ballal, Chairman, Manipal Hospitals, said, “Anil Srivastsa’s advocacy and dedication to organ donation have not only transformed lives but also spurred and inspired a global movement within Rotary clubs. His efforts have significantly contributed to changing perceptions and policies, demonstrating the profound impact one individual’s commitment can have on a worldwide scale. Manipal Hospitals is proud to play a pivotal role in this initiative, reinforcing its commitment to healthcare innovation and community welfare. “
Anil’s act of selflessness inspired him to became the first athlete to traverse over 40,000 miles across 17 countries to compete for India at the World Transplant Games 2023 in Perth, Australia.
He earned two gold medals and also set a world record in the cricket ball throw event in 2019.
Continuing his momentum, he achieved further accolades at the 2023 Games, solidifying his pioneering role in advocating for organ donation.
On this occasion, Anil Srivastsa, Founder, Gift of Life Adventure (GOLA) Foundation said, “My journey in organ donation advocacy has been driven by a deep desire to save lives and dispel myths. The global response and the tangible impact on countless lives reaffirm my belief in the power of collective effort and humanitarian responsibility through love and compassion. All my foundation’s activities are geared towards this end through projects involving awareness, advocacy and philanthropy. I am grateful for the support of many individuals and corporate sponsors including Manipal Hospitals, for their continued commitment to the cause”
Anil has driven across 58 countries so far on this mission before setting off on this one, telling his story in over 1000 talks to over 300,000 people.
He is now on his final journey around 40+ countries in Africa, Europe, North America, & Asia to bring Rotary Clubs together for the cause of promoting organ donation and the LIFT UP (Life Increasing Funded Transplants for the Underprivileged) Project.
The LIFT UP Project, launched by Manipal Hospital Hebbal and The Rotary Club of Organ Donation (founded by Anil), is the first Rotary Club in the world dedicated to organ donation with a first time ever grant from The Rotary Foundation.
It aims to offer essential kidney transplants to economically disadvantaged women or children kidney recipients.
These procedures and post-transplant care will take place at Manipal Hospitals, Hebbal, Bengaluru where a specialized team of doctors will handle medical evaluations for transplant eligibility, while a dedicated committee from the host club will oversee financial assessments.
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