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Shaheen School in Bidar: From Controversy to Community Service

Shaheen School In Bidar From Controversy To Community Service

Shaheen School in Bidar, Karnataka, previously embroiled in controversy over sedition charges against students, has now transformed into a COVID-19 quarantine center. The 5-acre campus, originally a school for over 600 students, now accommodates around 500 individuals needing quarantine facilities.

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Community Contribution

Managed by Thoufeeq Madikeri, the school is providing free lodging, three meals a day, and essential services to residents and staff at the facility. This initiative came after local opposition to setting up quarantine centers within the city.

Facility Utilization

The campus includes a hostel suitable for 600 students, some of whom were relocated to other Shaheen School campuses in Bidar due to the quarantine center’s establishment.


Past Challenges

Previously caught in a controversy involving sedition charges against students and management for a play critical of national policies, Shaheen School’s current role in combating COVID-19 showcases its commitment to community welfare.

Current Efforts

Currently hosting 193 individuals, the quarantine center exemplifies the school’s proactive stance in supporting district authorities’ efforts against the pandemic.


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