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Aryan Khan’s Joyful Moment at IPL 2024 Finale

Aryan Khan

New Delhi: A moment of joy lit up Aryan Khan’s face during the IPL 2024 finale, where he was spotted immersed in the excitement of the match. The event, which featured Kolkata Knight Riders, a team co-owned by his father Shah Rukh Khan, competing against Sun Risers Hyderabad led by Kavya Maran, culminated in victory for KKR. Known for his typically serious demeanor, Aryan was captured on camera sharing hearty laughter with his friends from the VIP stand, a rare sight for many. The scene quickly became viral online, showcasing the young filmmaker in high spirits, even making its way onto the jumbotron.


In a heartwarming moment, Gauri Khan, his mother, caught sight of Aryan on the large screen and couldn’t contain her laughter, attempting to catch his attention from a few rows below. Fans were delighted by this endearing interaction between mother and son, as evidenced by the flurry of comments on an Instagram clip that circulated widely. Users expressed admiration for Gauri’s reaction and remarked on Aryan’s rare display of joy, contrasting with his usual serious demeanor.


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Meanwhile, Aryan Khan’s professional endeavors are also making waves. He’s gearing up for his Bollywood directorial debut with the completion of his web series project titled “Showbiz.”



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