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Silver Circle & TLC Art Café Present an Evening Full of Music and Joy

# 003 Of 003 An Evening Full Of Music And Joy May 18, 2024

Silver Circle and TLC Art Café present a unique evening full of music , joy, and support for a great cause!


Making Life Better for Seniors with Dementia and Other Challenges.

Music has a magical way of bringing back memories and helping people reconnect with the world. Research shows that listening to favorite tunes can lift moods, reduce depression and anxiety, and even ease chronic pain. It makes people happier, more social, and open to collaboration with family and friends. Plus, it can cut down on the need for medications.

Music & Memory®️

Helping Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients in Mangalore

Date: 19 May 2024

Time: 5:30 PM – 8 PM

Join Us in Supporting This Initiative:

Goa’s talented entertainers – Sonia Shirsat, Allan Abreo, and Carlton Braganza will be performing at this event.

Sonia Shirsat:

Sonia is one of India’s top Fado singers and winner of the National Award “Ustad Bismillah Khan YuvaPuraskar”. She’s been singing professionally for 14 years, performing all over the world—from Goa to New York. She’s worked with big names like Antonio Chainho and Remo Fernandes and has released several albums, including her debut, ‘Saudades de Fado.’ Sonia’s projects, ‘Fado in the City’ and ‘Fado de Goa,’ have been huge hits, inspiring many to learn and love fado music. She’s sung in 14 languages and is known as the Ambassador of Goan Music to the World.

Carlton Braganza:

Carlton Braganza does it all—he’s a restaurateur, artist, photographer, designer, writer, mentor, curator, and entertainer. He’s performed everywhere from the Northern Lights in Finland to the Himalayas, weddings, corporate events, and music festivals. During the lockdown, his online concert series “Jukebox Jammies” brought joy to millions. Now, he’s back on the road, performing over 2000 songs wherever he goes, spreading happiness with his music.

Come join us for a memorable evening filled with music, joy, and support for a great cause!

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