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Baby Elephant Rejected By Mother Finds Home With Forest Officials


An Indian Administrative Officer, Supriya Sahu, has sparked widespread interest with her recent social media post, lauding the commendable efforts of the Tamil Nadu Forest Department in rescuing an orphaned elephant calf.

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Initially, the department successfully treated a sick mother elephant and her calf, ultimately reuniting the healthy mother with her herd. However, a twist of fate saw the mother abandoning her calf, leading the department to take charge of caring for the helpless orphan.

Sharing the news on X, Sahu expressed her emotions, stating, “A profound feeling as we welcome a 3-month-old elephant calf into our care, abandoned by its mother.” The mother, found ailing on June 3rd in Coimbatore, was nursed back to health over three days by Tamil Nadu foresters. Despite efforts to reunite them, the mother consistently rejected her calf, necessitating the baby’s relocation to Theppakadu elephant camp.

In a positive turn, Sahu emphasized that the baby elephant would find companionship among two other calves and 27 elder elephants at the camp. The skilled Mahouts, known for their dedication, will provide unwavering care to the young orphan, fostering hope for its future.


Sahu’s post garnered significant attention, amassing over 33,000 views and 1,000 retweets on X.

Commenting on the post, one user remarked, “Remarkable efforts indeed!” while another expressed gratitude for the rescue, foreseeing a hopeful future for the baby elephant at Theppakadu.

In response to the situation, a user pondered the mother’s refusal to accept her calf, conveying sympathy and extending well wishes to Theppakadu for the journey ahead.

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