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‘Bakwas Ki Hai’, Robert Vadra on Sam Pitroda’s Remark

New Delhi: Entrepreneur and husband of Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi, Robert Vadra has strongly disagreed with what former Chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress, Sam Pitroda had said, terming it ‘Bakwas Ki Hai’ ( Nonsense he spoke).


Speaking to a news agency, Robert Vadra said, “ When you are associated with Gandhi family, with great power comes great responsibility, you have to be cautious before taking any step. I absolutely disagree with what Sam Pitroda has said. ‘Bakwas ki hai’. How can someone so educated say something like this?…He was very close to Rajiv Gandhi but he should be a little responsible…Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra are making efforts but because of his one statement, BJP gets a chance to raise unnecessary issues…”

Sam Pitroda has submitted resignation to his post following a row over his racist remark, 

During an interview with The Statesman, Pitroda made remarks that have since circulated widely online. In a video, he can be heard stating, “We could unite a nation as diverse as India — where individuals in the East resemble Chinese, those in the West resemble Arabs, those in the North may resemble Caucasians, and those in the South resemble Africans. It doesn’t matter. We are all brothers and sisters.”

This isn’t the first time Pitroda’s comments have sparked controversy. Earlier, his remarks on inheritance tax had also elicited similar reactions from both the BJP and within the Congress itself, prompting the party to clarify its stance, asserting that it had no intentions of implementing such a measure.

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