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Benevolent ex-army man ‘ATM’ arrested for ATM card swap fraud

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New Delhi: An individual, recognized as a benevolent figure in his village in Rajasthan and formerly serving in the Indian army, was apprehended by the Delhi Police for allegedly engaging in fraudulent activities involving ATM card swaps, officials reported on Thursday.


The accused, Rajender Kumar Meena, nicknamed “ATM” in his village due to his previous involvement in a similar case, reportedly employed a tactic wherein he installed devices within ATM machines. Subsequently, when customers attempted to withdraw money, their transactions were declined. Taking advantage of this situation, Meena would offer assistance, swapping their ATM cards and then withdrawing funds from the victims’ accounts, stated Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central) M Harsha Vardhan.

Meena’s arrest has led to the resolution of 17 such cases spanning Haryana, Rajasthan, and Delhi, according to the DCP.

Having been discharged from the army amid allegations of theft and facing multiple criminal charges, Meena purportedly confessed to utilizing the stolen funds to aid the underprivileged in his village, where he is affectionately referred to as “Robinhood.” Notably, Meena had been actively involved in philanthropy, investing significant sums to assist the less fortunate, the DCP mentioned.

Furthermore, it was revealed that Meena harbored aspirations to contest for the sarpanch position in the upcoming Panchayat elections in his village.

Following his apprehension, authorities seized 192 ATM cards, ₹24,000 in cash, and a gold earring from Meena, stated the officer.

The investigation commenced after a cheating incident was reported at Karol Bagh police station on May 5, where the complainant detailed an instance where his ATM card was swapped at a private bank in Gaffar market on April 16, resulting in a ₹22,000 withdrawal from his account at another bank’s ATM on Tank Road Karol Bagh.

The investigation team, utilizing CCTV footage analysis, successfully identified Meena and subsequently arrested him on May 5 in the Karol Bagh area. Meena is facing a total of 26 FIRs across Rajasthan, Haryana, and Delhi, with further investigations underway, concluded the DCP.

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