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Bhopal Man Arrested for Social Media Scam Inspired by ‘Dream Girl’


In a case that closely resembles the storyline of the Ayushmann Khurrana film “Dream Girl,” a 22-year-old man was taken into custody in Bhopal after deceiving multiple people online by posing as a woman. Ashu Mehra, also known as Ajay or Chhotu Mehra, is accused of coercing his victims into giving him money by mimicking the sound of a woman’s voice.


Ajay was caught after one of his victims, Aman Namdev, filed a police complaint on Tuesday, June 4. Namdev told the police that he had befriended a woman named Shivani Raghuvanshi on Instagram. Though they had never met in person, Shivani had pressured Namdev to marry her. When he refused, she threatened to commit suicide, according to the complaint. Shortly after, a man named Ashu Mehra, claiming to be Shivani’s “Guru bhai (brother)”, approached Namdev with the news that Shivani had attempted suicide and needed money for treatment. Out of fear, Namdev told the police, he transferred ₹ 70,000 to Ashu.

On investigating the complaint, the police found that Ashu Mehra was behind the scam. He reportedly confessed that he was inspired by the movie ‘Dream Girl,’ in which the protagonist secured a job by speaking in a woman’s voice. Ashu allegedly created several fake social media profiles under female names on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Using these profiles, he would initiate conversations with men, eventually pressuring them and extorting money by fabricating emergencies such as suicide attempts.

With the money he allegedly amassed from reaching dozens of victims, Ashu allegedly indulged himself.

The police are looking into Ashu’s entire operation and trying to find more people who could have been defrauded.

The case serves as further evidence of the perils associated with social media scams and the ease with which users can be duped out of money. The police issued a warning, advising people to proceed with caution and confirm the legitimacy of online acquaintances before sending money.

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