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Delhi man turns gangster to take revenge on cheating wife

Delhi Police

A 30-year-old resident of Delhi, fueled by rage over his wife’s affair with a notorious gangster, embarked on a path to become a criminal kingpin himself, according to Delhi Police officials on Monday.


Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) Rakesh Paweriya disclosed that Akash Bhaida was apprehended from Jaitpur in southeast Delhi on Sunday, with authorities actively pursuing other members associated with his “Kana gang.”

Detailing the case, crime branch officers revealed that Bhaida initially delved into petty theft, first catching police attention on September 1, 2023, when he set fire to the residence of gangster Rajan Singh, an affiliate of incarcerated gangster Lawrence Bishnoi. Singh sustained severe injuries in the incident.

An investigator, speaking anonymously, commented on the perplexity surrounding Bhaida’s actions, considering his background as a minor criminal. “We were puzzled as to why a small-time thief would target a gangster affiliated with the Lawrence Bishnoi group,” the investigator noted.

Subsequently, after being briefly detained following the arson incident, Bhaida, along with his accomplices, secured bail. Law enforcement agencies then initiated both manual surveillance and technical tracking, leading to the interception of Bhaida’s planned criminal activities in Jaitpur.

DCP Paweriya recounted the arrest operation, mentioning that Bhaida was apprehended while riding a stolen motorcycle. During interrogation, Bhaida disclosed his motivations, citing his discovery of his wife’s betrayal as the catalyst for his criminal endeavors.

“Bhaida took drastic measures upon learning of his wife’s relationship with Singh, culminating in the arson attack on Singh’s residence. Subsequently, he plotted to eliminate Singh and target his associates. Bhaida also enlisted the help of three other individuals on bail, forming his own gang to establish his presence in the underworld,” Paweriya elaborated.

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