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Disguised ‘Chudidar Gang’ Robbery Sparks Panic in Hyderabad

Chudidar Gang

Hyderabad: In Hyderabad, Telangana, a fresh gang resembling the infamous ‘Chaddi Gang’ has surfaced. Disguised as women, the members executed a robbery at an apartment within Hyderabad. Surveillance footage from the apartment captured them donning women’s clothing, including burkhas and chudidar salwar with kurtas, while their faces were concealed with masks akin to those worn by Muslim women, known as ‘nakaab.’ The release of this CCTV footage has instilled fear within the locality.


The robbery occurred on Saturday, May 18, at Akruthi Arcade Apartment situated in Czech Colony, falling under the jurisdiction of SR Nagar Police Station. The apartment, owned by K. Venkateshwar Rao, was locked while he and his family were away in Ongole. The break-in was discovered by the household help upon finding a broken lock.

Upon notifying the police, Venkateshwar Rao filed a formal complaint. Subsequently, an investigation was launched, with scrutiny of the CCTV footage confirming the intrusion of two individuals disguised as women.

The footage depicted them wearing chudidar attire and masks, entering the premises and carrying out the theft. The video has since circulated widely on social media, causing unrest among residents.

According to police findings, the robbers made away with gold and cash amounting to approximately Rs 3,90,000. This incident draws parallels to the activities of the notorious Chaddi Gang, known for similar past crimes. Law enforcement agencies have commenced a search operation and deployed specialized teams to apprehend the perpetrators.

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