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Prashant Kishor: BJP Likely to Maintain 300-Seat Strength

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Hyderabad: Political strategist Prashant Kishor debunked all commentaries and debates suggesting that the BJP would not secure a clear mandate. He stated that the BJP is likely to maintain its current strength of 300 seats and he does not foresee any meaningful decline in its seats in the North and West.


In an interview with RTV, Kishor mentioned that in the East and South, the BJP’s vote share and seats will increase. “If you add this, what the BJP has today is about 300 seats; I don’t see any major change in that – positively or negatively,” he said.

Kishor clarified that while the BJP won’t reach 400 seats, it doesn’t mean it will drop to 200. To achieve such a decline, he explained, the BJP would have to lose 100 seats in the North and West. “Those making comments that the BJP won’t cross 200 should specify where these 100 seats would be lost.”

He also predicted that in Telangana, the fight would be between the BJP and Congress, suggesting that both parties could secure between 6 to 9 seats each. In the previous election, the BJP secured four seats out of the 17 by securing 20 percent vote share. Kishor believes that Telangana’s regional party BRS has weakened significantly after the previous Assembly elections. The BRS suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of its opposition, the Congress, managing to win only 39 out of the 119 seats.


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