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Pune Car Accident Case: Rahul Gandhi Calls for Equality in Justice

Rahul Gandhi (2)

Mumbai: In response to the Pune hit-and-run incident, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi expressed strong criticism regarding the perceived preferential treatment given to the 17-year-old son of a businessman. In a recorded statement, he questioned why there appeared to be a double standard in the treatment of individuals involved in such incidents.


He noted that while drivers like autorickshaw drivers, cabbies, Ola or Uber drivers, bus drivers, or truckers are often handed severe punishments, including lengthy jail sentences, for unintentional aaccccidents, the affluent seem to receive more lenient treatment.  He pointed to the recent case where a teenager from a wealthy family, driving a Porsche under the influence of alcohol, caused the death of two people and was merely asked to write an essay as a form of reprimand.

In a thinly veiled critique, Gandhi also commented on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s governance, accusing him of perpetuating a divide between the wealthy and the less privileged, even in matters of justice.

“The fundamental issue here is one of justice—irrespective of one’s financial status. Every individual should be entitled to fair treatment under the law. This is why we continue to advocate for equality in justice and stand against any form of injustice,” Gandhi said.

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