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Pune Porsche Crash: JJB Procedural Lapses Lead to Bail Reversal

Porsche Crash

A committee investigating the conduct of two members of the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) regarding the bail granted to a minor accused in the Pune Porsche crash case has uncovered several procedural lapses, misconduct, and non-compliance with norms, an official disclosed on Saturday.

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The State Women and Child Development Department has issued show cause notices to the two non-judicial members of the JJB, asking them to respond within four days, the official added.

The panel, appointed by the state government and comprising five members, submitted a detailed report of over 150 pages to the State Women and Child Development Commissioner, Prashant Narnaware.

“The report is extensive and highlights significant procedural deficiencies and issues in the bail order issued by a single-member JJB on May 19,” stated Narnaware.

While the bail order was issued by member Laxman Dhanawade, other members consented the following day “without verifying the facts,” stated another official who preferred anonymity.

The WCD department issued eight-page notices to the two JJB members for displaying excessive leniency in granting bail to the 17-year-old involved in the fatal Porsche Taycan crash in Pune on May 19.


Narnaware confirmed that the responses from the JJB members will be forwarded to the state government for appropriate action.

According to sources, the committee identified 20-25 instances where the JJB members exhibited undue leniency in granting bail, including failure to consider the police’s remand application invoking Section 304 of the Indian Penal Code. The committee also noted that the JJB members disregarded suspicious blood reports marked with eraser ink. Additionally, the members did not follow any roster for their Sunday duty and discharged their responsibilities based on verbal instructions on May 19, which coincidentally fell on a Sunday.

“Although a single-member bench of JJB issued the orders, they could have been countermanded the next day by other members, who instead signed off without fact-checking,” stated an officer.

Public outcry ensued after the JJB granted bail under lenient conditions, such as requiring the minor to write an essay on the accident and assist traffic police for 15 days. Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, also holding the home department, intervened by directing police to file a review petition against the JJB’s decision and subsequently, on May 22, the JJB revoked the minor’s bail and remanded him to an observation home until June 5, later extended to June 25.

In connection with the case, Pune police have arrested the juvenile’s father, mother, grandfather, two doctors, and a staffer from Sassoon General Hospital.

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