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Rare Display of Traffic Discipline in Kerala Sparks Online Discussion

Rare Display Of Traffic Discipline In Kerala Sparks Online Discussion

In India, good traffic behaviour is often a rare gem, with many drivers seeming to prefer getting through traffic quickly rather than waiting patiently. However, a recent post by a Reddit user (@hornylaughing) on the ‘India’ subreddit has caught attention for showcasing exceptional traffic sense in Kerala. The user shared a photo showing a long line of vehicles, including cars and trucks, all patiently waiting in a single lane despite the other lane being clear. The caption read, “Almost a kilometre long traffic due to road work but not a single car on the wrong side of the road. As someone from north India this amazes me.”


The post quickly gained traction, with locals expressing their astonishment. Many agreed that such disciplined behaviour was indeed rare in Kerala. One commenter remarked, “One of the rare occasions i guess. That ksrtc staying in line is super sus. Probably police ahead.” Another said, “Drove in Kozhikode once, cant believe this can happen there.” A third shared, “I have never seen lane discipline like this anywhere in Kerala.”

A fourth user explained, “Don’t mean to be cynical on a feel good post but you can witness the same people lose all their civic sense when there’re no workers barricading the road at night and cause a ruckus and I have personally witnessed police trying to free the jammed up service road.”

While News18 couldn’t verify the authenticity of the situation, it did spark a discussion online. This isn’t the first time such an event has occurred in India. Previously, a video showcasing Meghalaya’s impressive traffic discipline had also gone viral. The clip showed vehicles patiently queued up on the right side of the road amidst a traffic jam, with not a single one attempting to break the rules.


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