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Superstition Claims Life of Toddler in Rajasthan Village

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Udaipur: A father allegedly took the life of his three-year-old son by slitting his throat in a village located in Dungarpur district on a fateful Friday night. Police suspect that the heinous act may have been motivated by superstitious beliefs.


As per a report from TOI, the accused, Kanji Pargi, reportedly assaulted his youngest son, Ayush, while the toddler was asleep beside his mother in their modest thatched house situated in Kuan village. Pargi inflicted severe injuries on the child’s neck and other parts of his body with a sharp knife before fleeing the scene, only to be apprehended the following morning. Ayush was identified as the youngest among Pargi’s five children, as confirmed by a police official.

Despite the frantic efforts of the mother to rescue her son, she remained by his lifeless body throughout the night until a concerned villager notified the police early Saturday morning.

“The grieving mother informed police hat her husband, Kanji Pargi, perpetrated the fatal attack on their youngest son, Ayush, with a sharp knife before absconding,” said Sunil Chawla, the in-charge of the Kuan police station, confirming the detention of the accused.

Chawla further noted, “Upon arriving at the scene, our police team observed the tragic sight of the young boy’s lifeless body on a cot within their home, accompanied by bloodstains on the floor.” Additionally, investigators noticed a freshly dug grave within the courtyard of Pargi’s residence, suggesting a potentially premeditated nature to the crime, possibly influenced by superstitious beliefs.

Sandeep Singh, the Deputy Superintendent of Police at Simalwada police station, who also visited the crime scene, conveyed that the mother of the deceased child was profoundly traumatized by the harrowing incident, rendering her unable to provide substantial information to authorities. Singh engaged in discussions with the victim’s other four children and various villagers in an attempt to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the murder.

“The accused father is currently in custody, undergoing interrogation. However, the exact motive behind this tragic incident remains unclear at this juncture,” stated Singh.


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