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UP Woman Cremates Unidentified Body To Frame Parents For Murder, Case Filed


Etawah: A young woman, along with her partner and three accomplices, obtained the body of an unidentified man from a morgue using forged documents and subsequently cremated it. Their intention was to falsely implicate her parents in the murder of her fictitious fiancé.

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The police apprehended Hetram, the woman’s partner, near the District Hospital mortuary on Monday evening.

The Etawah Police have charged Muskaan Koshtha, Hetram Mittal, Mohd Furqan, Mohd Tasleem, and Mohd Farooque, all residents of Etawah, under the Gangsters Act.

According to law enforcement officials, Muskaan and Hetram orchestrated the scheme to frame her parents for the murder, as they disapproved of their relationship.

The culprits cremated the body before authorities could intervene.

Police records indicate that on January 2, an unidentified individual’s body was discovered near a railway track in the Friends Colony police station area of Etawah, presumably hit by a train.


The police held the body for identification in the mortuary for 72 hours, attempting to identify the deceased by sharing his photos on social media.

On January 4, individuals claiming to be Deendayal and Abhi Kumar, residents of Awas Vikas Colony, submitted documents identifying the body as Deendayal’s son, Atul Kumar, aged 26. They then took custody of the body and proceeded with its cremation.

However, on January 7, Dharamveer Rajput, from village Tej Ka Purva, identified the body as his brother Satyaveer, son of Roopram, at the Friends Colony police station, casting doubt on the previous identification.

Subsequent investigations revealed inconsistencies in the provided information. The address listed as 12 Awas Vikas Colony was found to be false upon attempting to contact the mobile number provided in the documents.

SSP Sanjay Verma stated that based on CCTV footage and other evidence, Hetram, a resident of Ramlila Road, Etawah, was implicated in the case.

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