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Woman Disguised As Courier Agent Attempts Robbery. Arrested

Delhi Police

A 38-year-old woman in Delhi’s Dwarka area was apprehended by the police for posing as a courier agent to carry out a robbery on her neighbor. The authorities disclosed that she had previously been employed in the Civil Defence department but was presently without a job.

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Upon her arrest, law enforcement recovered a courier bag, a toy gun, gloves, ropes, a bag, and a helmet—items employed in the commission of the crime.

The incident came to light when a complaint was filed at Chhawla police station on May 23, around 11:30 a.m., concerning an attempted robbery. The victim narrated that while she was at home, someone disguised as a courier delivery person arrived, requesting a pen to sign a delivery form. As the victim went inside to fetch the pen, the imposter followed and assaulted her.

“A senior police official stated, “The assailant, disguised with a towel-covered face, a helmet, and gloves, proceeded to strike the victim repeatedly with a toy pistol, causing facial injuries. The victim’s cries for help alerted neighbors, prompting the attacker to flee.”

In the subsequent investigation, the police scrutinized CCTV footage from Somesh Vihar to Chhawla to identify the culprit. Acting on received intelligence, a police team apprehended the suspect, identified as Rekha, who was found hiding in a vacant house in Somesh Vihar on May 24.


During interrogation, Rekha confessed that her motive was financial desperation, spurred by unemployment. She devised a plan to rob her affluent neighbor, Chandra Kanta, who was often alone during the day. Rekha intended to execute the robbery by impersonating a courier agent and had even contemplated murder to obtain money and valuables quickly.

Detailing the modus operandi, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Dwarka), Ankit Singh, explained, “Rekha arrived at Chandra Kanta’s residence around 11 a.m., posing as a courier agent and seeking a pen. Upon gaining entry, she assaulted Chandra Kanta with the toy pistol when the latter went to retrieve the pen.”

Following the botched attempt, Rekha fled the scene, seeking refuge in a vacant house. She discarded her disguise and stashed the incriminating items before returning home. Subsequently, she reappeared at Chandra Kanta’s residence to glean information about the incident, attempting to deflect suspicion.

Rekha admitted to the crime, citing financial strain as her motivation for targeting her neighbor.

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