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Chikkoddi: Food Poisoning Outbreak at Fair Sends 44 to Hospitals

Food Poisoning Representational Picture

Chikkoddi: A festive celebration in Kerur village turned sour after 44 attendees fell ill from consuming contaminated food during a fair on Wednesday. The incident occured in Balu Mama Devasthana temple  in Bekkeri Tanda.


According to reports, Annadanam was held for the devotees in the afternoon. Later that night, those who consumed leftover rice from the lunch began experiencing vomiting and diarrhea.

By Thursday morning, a total of 44 individuals were admitted to various hospitals of which  31 patients were admitted to the Government Hospital in Chikkodi, while 5 and and 8 others were rushed to the Kerur Primary Health Center and Government Hospital in Xamba respectively.

The affected included men, women, elderly and even children.  Health department officials visited the hospital and inquired about the health of the patients. 

“We received 44 patients who suffered food poisoning after attending a fair in Kerur,” confirmed Dr. Mahesh Nagarabetta, Medical Superintendent at Chikkoddi Hospital. 

While the exact cause of the contamination remains under investigation, initial reports suggest the culprit might be spoiled rice. 

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