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Health Crisis in Belagavi District: Rise in Common Ailments and Dengue

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Belagavi district is currently grappling with a surge in cases of common ailments such as the common cold, fever, vomiting, and diarrhoea, exacerbated by contaminated food, water, and extreme weather conditions. The recent continuous rainfall has further compounded the situation, adversely affecting the health of residents. Adding to the concerns, the district is also witnessing an emergence of dengue cases.


Preventive Measures and Surveillance

Health department officials have heightened surveillance in areas near water sources and implemented preventive measures to curb the spread of diseases. With approximately 12.5 lakh households in the district, health department staff are conducting regular visits to raise awareness about dengue, chikungunya, and other viral diseases.

Statistics and Reported Cases

According to a survey conducted from January to April, the district has reported 56 confirmed cases of dengue and 643 suspected cases across various regions. Additionally, there have been 2,230 reported cases of typhoid, along with cases of vomiting, tuberculosis, and hepatitis.

Community Impact and Response

Residents, like Deepak from Shahapur, have reported health issues like fever, dysentery, and stomach ache due to untimely rains. In response, the health department is actively raising awareness among the community, advising individuals to seek medical attention if they develop fever symptoms and to ensure no stagnant water around their households. Mosquito fogging is being carried out in areas with high case counts, and residents are encouraged to change water in tanks weekly.

Challenges and Precautionary Measures

The district’s 170 government hospitals are facing challenges in providing adequate check-ups and treatment amid the health crisis. Precautionary measures, including mosquito control efforts and awareness campaigns, are being implemented to combat the spread of diseases like dengue and chikungunya during the rainy season.

Dr Mahesh Koni, the district health officer, has emphasized the importance of preventive measures and community awareness to mitigate the impact of the health crisis and bring the situation under control.

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