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Khandepar Bridge to Ease Traffic and Enhance Safety at Ponda-Belagavi

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After six years of construction, the approach road of the new Khandepar Bridge has been completed, offering hope for hassle-free and accident-free commuting along the Ponda-Belagavi national highway.


Once opened to the public, the bridge will divert traffic away from the Opa-Khandepar junction, effectively transforming the area into an accident-free zone.

Authorities from the Public Works Department (PWD) and the contractor have announced plans to finish the approach road work by the end of May. Hotmix carpeting on the approach road is set to commence in the coming days, with all works expected to be completed by the end of May.

The Opa road junction, previously a hotspot for accidents due to incomplete infrastructure, will no longer be burdened by the flow of national highway traffic once the new bridge is operational.

The project faced delays, notably when one property owner objected to the approach road passing through their land. Although the issue was eventually resolved in court, it took six years for the road to be constructed.

Local social worker Sandeep Parkar emphasized the relief the completed bridge will bring to Khandepar villagers and commuters. He highlighted the anticipated safety benefits, with only local traffic expected to ply through the junction, reducing congestion and potential accidents.

Parkar also urged the government to install solar-powered street lights in the area to enhance visibility and safety for commuters, especially during nighttime travel.

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