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BBMP Ramps Up Disaster Preparedness Ahead of Monsoon

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Bengaluru: BBMP Commissioner Tushar Girinath announced the deployment of disaster management teams at the sub-division level across BBMP zones to mitigate potential issues during the upcoming rainy season.


Addressing officials in a meeting on Monday, Girinath emphasized the need for proactive measures to ensure effective disaster management in the city.

These disaster management teams, comprising officials from various departments including the Corporation, Water Board, BESCOM, Metro, and Fire Brigade, have been tasked with addressing incidents such as rainwater seepage in low-lying areas, manhole openings, and tree/electric pole collapses.

As rainfall has been frequent in various parts of the city over the past week, approximately 150 areas experienced waterlogging. However, prompt action led to the swift drainage of stagnant water within two hours, preventing any significant disruption.

Girinath reported that out of 325 fallen trees, 320 have already been cleared, along with 650 out of 698 fallen branches. Currently, 39 teams are actively working to remove debris and branches caused by rain and wind, with a directive to expedite the disposal of branches obstructing roads.

To address drainage issues, each ward has been allocated ₹30 lakh for dredging drains, covering a total of 225 wards. Additionally, ₹10 crore has been allocated in the budget for disaster management initiatives under the ‘Brand Bangalore’ concept, aimed at addressing existing challenges.

Highlighting the city’s vulnerability, Girinath mentioned that there are 198 flood-prone areas, with 74 of them lacking a permanent relief system. Efforts are underway to address these concerns and enhance the city’s resilience to natural disasters.

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