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Bidar Farmer Achieves Success with Mixed Cropping

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Kamalnagar, Bidar: Sridevi Chimmara, a farmer from Holasamudra village in Kamalnagar taluk in Bidar district, has successfully implemented mixed cropping on her papaya plantation. By integrating a variety of crops such as marigold, chrysanthemums flowers, onion. Sridevi has achieved an annual income of Rs 15 lakh to R20 lakh by incorporating this method.


“Mixed farming is more profitable than growing only one crop. We are growing floriculture and horticulture crops as an intercrop between papaya. It also benefits financially. Short-term intercropping also increases the fertility of the land,” says Sridevi.

Sridevi sourced marigold flower saplings from the Melakunda sapling center in Bhalki taluk, planting over 5,500 saplings at Rs 10 each. Alongside marigold, she also grows chrysanthemum flowers, both of which are three-month crops. These flowers attract traders from Hyderabad, Bhalki, Udgir, and Bidar bringing in significant profit. Her son, Basavagiri Chimmara, has earned Rs 1.50 lakh from flower farming alone.

“Earlier we were growing only papaya, which is harvested in eight months with a yield of 3–4 tons per month at Rs 22,000 per ton. Horticulture crops yield many times the profit compared to conventional crops. We have adopted drip irrigation for all crops and expect good income this year,” says Sridevi’s husband, Jagannath Chimmara.

The couple has expanded their papaya crop area and diversified their farming with nutmeg and other flowers, expecting even higher profits this year. The integration of flowers as intercrops has been particularly beneficial. According to Lakshmi Patil, assistant director of horticulture in Aurad taluk, “Growing flowers as an inter-crop with papaya cultivation benefits the farmers financially. After harvesting, the flowers can be added to the soil to form organic manure, enhancing soil fertility.”

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