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Viral Video: Women Clash Over Seat on Bidar-Kalaburagi Bus

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There have been multiple incidents of women fighting over seats since the state’s introduction of the Shakti free travel scheme for women. One such incident occurred recently when two women fought over taking a seat on a KKRTC bus, yanking clothes off of each other and striking each other with shoes. Since then, a video of the brawl has become popular on social media.


On a KKRTC bus traveling between Bidar and Kalaburagi, the incident took place. A woman passenger can be seen in the video requesting another woman to get out of her seat, but the other woman refused to move. “What will you do if I do not leave the seat?” asks the woman who is currently seated. Then all of a sudden there was a commotion on the bus.

One of the women removed her shoes and struck the other as the disturbance got louder. Subsequently, the victim of the sandal attack began pulling at the former’s clothing. At that moment, neither the conductor nor the driver were on board, and the bus was stationary.

The video quickly went viral on social media, drawing widespread criticism.

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