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Update on Chitradurga Skeleton Case: FSL Report Indicates Cause of Death

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District Superintendent of Police Dharmendra Kumar Meena provided an update on the case involving the discovery of five skeletons belonging to the same family in a dilapidated house on Bangalore Road, outskirts of Chitradurga city. In a press conference at his office, Meena disclosed that the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) report had been submitted to the investigating team.


Meena revealed that 71 pieces of evidence were collected and sent to the lab for analysis, with the FSL team conducting an inspection of the case. Postmortem examinations, led by hospital doctor Venu Sri Krishna, did not reveal any signs of trauma on the bones. However, traces of drugs, likely sleeping pills, were found in the house. Additionally, cyanide content was detected in utensils within the kitchen premises.

A complaint was lodged by relative Pawan Kumar at the Barangay police station, citing the deaths of five individuals residing in the same house. The victims were suspected to have passed away between February and March 2019, although postmortem assessments suggested a potential time frame of up to five years. Further investigations into the case revealed uncertainties, prompting ongoing scrutiny.

Notably, the investigation team interviewed a person identified as Vishwas, mentioned in a letter received, but found no connection to the deaths. Despite the FSL report confirming the cause of death as linked to the consumption of sleeping pills, certain questions remain unanswered, necessitating continued investigation.

Background: The shocking discovery of five skeletons in a rundown house on December 28, 2023, rattled the Chitradurga district. The victims were identified as retired AEE Jaganath Reddy, his wife Prema Leela, daughter Triveni, and sons Krishnareddy and Narendra Reddy from Doddasiddavvanahalli village in Chitradurga taluk. The case prompted immediate police intervention and subsequent investigation, with the FSL report shedding light on the cause of death.

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