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Gadag: Two Devotees Killed After Coming Under the Wheels of the Chariot


Gadag: Two devotees were killed during the annual Rathotsava (chariot festival) in Ron, Gadag district, after they came under the wheels of the chariot. Another devotee suffered injuries in the incident.


The Veerabhadreshwara Jatre (annual fair) in Ron was in full swing on Saturday evening when the unfortunate incident occurred. As the chariot was being pulled through the streets, two devotees tragically lost their lives after coming under its wheels, while another sustained injuries.The deceased devotees were both residents of Ron.

The cause of the incident is attributed to the chaos that ensued when devotees rushed to gather the coconut, dates, and bananas thrown at the chariot. In the ensuing chaos, two devotees were caught under the chariot’s wheels, leading to their instant deaths. The injured devotee is currently undergoing treatment.

The Veerabhadreshwara Jatre is a popular festival that attracts lakhs of devotees from Ron and surrounding villages. The incident sent shockwaves through the crowd, and it took some time for the police to disperse the gathering.

One of the deceased has been identified as Mallappa Ningangoudar, aged 55, while the identity of the other deceased is yet to be ascertained, according to police sources.

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