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Acclaimed Writer Naveen D’Souza Passes Away at 55

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Renowned writer Naveen D’Souza, widely known by his pen name Naveen Kurmbil, has died at the age of 55.


Naveen was a distinguished author whose prolific output included numerous short stories published in Konkani periodicals and magazines. He also made significant contributions to Kannada newspapers, showcasing his literary versatility.

His remarkable storytelling earned him several awards throughout his career. Among his most acclaimed works is Nanv Nathello Peto, published in the Romi script, which garnered critical praise. Additionally, his book Devacha Bhagevontano, published by the Daijidubai Writers Forum, was awarded the Academy Book Award in 2014.

Naveen D’Souza’s work has left a lasting impact on both Konkani and Kannada literature, inspiring readers and fellow writers alike.

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