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Another Youth Arrested for Drug Trafficking in Bantwal

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Davudul Hakeem (23) found himself in the custody of the Bantwal town police station for his involvement in drug trafficking. Originally hailing from Sajipanadu village but currently residing in Bantwal-Loretto Padavu, Hakeem’s arrest came after he was intercepted by the police near the cashew factory in Kasaba village for reckless driving.


During a routine inspection of Hakeem’s two-wheeler, the police made a startling discovery: 01.07 grams of sedative MDMA and 15.31 grams of ganja. Hakeem’s erratic behavior indicated drug consumption, prompting him to confess to purchasing the substances from an unidentified individual. He admitted to using some of the ganja himself while intending to sell the remainder along with the MDMA.

The seized narcotics, valued at approximately two and a half thousand rupees, along with the transportation vehicle, were confiscated by the police. Hakeem now faces charges for possession and trafficking of illegal substances as a case has been registered against him.

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