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CCTV Cameras Capture Illegal Garbage Dumping near Karnataka-Kerala Border

Cctv Cameras Capture Illegal Garbage Dumping Near Karnataka Kerala Border

In an effort to combat illegal garbage disposal, the Manjanady gram panchayat installed CCTV cameras along roadside areas. On the day of installation, footage captured a car with Kerala registration dumping garbage at a vacant land near Batyadka village, close to the Karnataka-Kerala border.


Incident Details: The Tata Altroz car with registration number KL 14 AB 3823 was recorded stopping near the Batyadka plot, where the accused dumped the garbage before swiftly leaving the scene.

Response to Complaints: Local residents had previously alerted gram panchayat officials about the foul smell emanating from the dumped garbage near their homes. In light of these complaints, CCTV cameras were installed on May 19, capturing the offenders’ actions on the same day.

Legal Action: The Manjanady PDO has filed a complaint with the Konaje police regarding the illegal dumping incident, prompting investigations into the matter.

This incident highlights the ongoing issue of cross-border garbage disposal and the efforts being made to address it through surveillance and legal action.

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