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Debutant Filmmaker Roshan Fernandes Presents “Ella”: A Cinematic Delight

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Mumbai-based debutant filmmaker Roshan Fernandes is set to mesmerize audiences with his much-anticipated film, “Ella.” This captivating cinematic journey promises to enchant viewers with its intriguing storyline and breathtaking visuals, predominantly shot in the scenic locales of Mulki, Udupi, and Mangaluru.


Starring acclaimed actors Makarand Deshpande, Isha Talwar, Saranya Sharma, and others, “Ella” boasts a stellar cast that brings the fable to life with their remarkable performances. Directed by the talented Roshan Fernandes, known for his unique storytelling style, the film is a production of Parashuland Films, adding another gem to its repertoire.

Drawing inspiration from the fairy tale Cinderella, “Ella” follows the journey of 8-year-old Ella (Saranya Sharma) from Goa, who embarks on an adventure to keep her Indian star tortoise safe, leading her to Mangaluru. The film is set to be released on MX Player on May 17, promising an enchanting experience for viewers.

With music composed by the renowned Ajaneesh Loknath, “Ella” not only captivates audiences with its visuals but also with its soul-stirring soundtrack. Exploring themes of mystery and wonder, the film weaves together a narrative that resonates with audiences of all ages.

“Ella” transcends genres, offering a cinematic experience that is both enchanting and thought-provoking, making it a treat for children and adults alike.


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