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Mullai Muhilan Demands Preparedness for Natural Calamities

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Mullai Muhilan, the Deputy Commissioner (DC), has directed relevant officials to keep an eye on, handle, and take preventative action on issues resulting from natural disasters.


Speaking at the Tuesday drinking water and disaster management authority meeting at the DC office, Muhilan stressed the importance of departmental officials working together to address future problems and find solutions. He recommended setting up a WhatsApp group that would be watched after by employees around-the-clock.

In order to prevent electricity disruptions, he asked Mescom to take prompt action in addressing rain-related issues in both urban and rural areas. A control room should be built, and personnel should be assigned to deliver remedies within six hours of a power outage. Electrical issues in hilly regions need special consideration.

Tankers are used in some locations to supply water. Water waste should be prevented by taking the necessary precautions, and those who do so should face consequences. Muhilan ordered that tanker water be tested to make sure it was clean.

Prior to the monsoon, disposal sites and dump yards must to be cleared out. These regions should be identified and addressed by officials, and measures implemented to minimize crowding there.

Officials from the health department were directed to monitor treatment in regions impacted by rain and to take action to stop the development of infectious diseases including dengue and malaria.

When tree limbs are a threat to electricity lines, the forest department and fire brigade should collaborate to remove them. When roads are blocked by fallen trees, alternate routes need to be planned right away. The fire brigade should assign staff at the gram panchayat and taluk levels. Additionally, DC Muhilan gave officials instructions to stay in touch with excavator owners in the area to guarantee availability in case of need.

DC Muhilan also instructed officials to maintain contact with local excavator owners to ensure availability during emergencies.

Dredging should be done as necessary, and officials should visit places like Kottara Chowki and Pumpwell to take preventative measures against encroachment. The national roads agency ought to identify Charmadi Ghat’s landslide-prone locations and dispatch the required staff to act quickly in the event of a landslide. He recommended setting up a system to give Google users information about road traffic obstructions in ghat locations.

When it rains, officials ought to visit schools and Anganwadis in high-risk locations. The crumbling school buildings need to be noticed, and precautions need to be made to keep damage from occurring. Such buildings ought to be the subject of a report.

There should be a meeting for fishermen to discuss precautions. To save fishermen who are in danger, a team headed by representatives of the fisheries department should be ready. For the purpose of sharing information, the fisheries agency ought to establish WhatsApp groups for fishermen.

Muhilan also called attention to the recent occurrences in which youths have perished in the water while on vacation and encouraged the Home Guards to take precautions.

District superintendent of police Ryshyanth C B, district panchayat chief executive officer Dr. Anand K, commissioner of Mangaluru City Corporation Anand, DCP Siddarth Goyal, DCF Antony, and deputy divisional officer Zubin Mohapatra from Puttur were present at the meeting.

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