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Sri Ram Sene Launches Helpline to Address ‘Love Jihad’ Cases

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Mangaluru: Sri Ram Sena Karnataka, a right-wing Hindutva organization, has launched a helpline aimed at addressing cases related to ‘love jihad.’


Anand Shetty Adyar, the State general secretary,  said that , “The helpline became operational from Wednesday onwards.”

The helpline, reachable at 9090443444  inaugurated at six locations including Hubballi, Kalburgi, Bengaluru, Bagalkote, Davangere—the helpline headquarters will be Hubballi, he said. 

The term ‘love jihad’ is utilized by right-wing groups to describe inter-caste marriages between Hindu women with Muslim men. Allegations are made that Muslim men entice Hindu women into relationships with the intention of converting them to Islam.

Shetty alleged that there is an increase in ‘love jihad’ incidents both nationally and in Karnataka, citing instances where women have been ensnared into such relationships, leading to tragic consequences or involvement in illicit activities like drug trafficking and terrorism.

Quoting a report from the right-wing news website, OPIndia, Shetty provided statistics indicating that 153 women lost their lives due to ‘love jihad’ between 2020-2023 in North India, with a significant number of victims being minors or from marginalized communities. He also highlighted the concealment of the identities of Muslim men in the majority of cases.

Further claiming that 172 women go missing daily in the country, Shetty detailed the composition of the helpline team, which includes advisors, counselors, former police personnel, and advocates.

Upon receiving a call, the team will assess the authenticity of the case and provide counseling and assistance to women in distress while ensuring the confidentiality of the caller’s identity.

The helpline will operate 24/7, with Shetty affirming that Sri Ram Sena will adhere to legal procedures and cooperate with law enforcement authorities. He emphasized that the organization would refrain from engaging in moral policing and would respect the constitution.

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