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Tourists Ignore Safety Warnings at Malpe Beach Amid Heavy Rainfall

Tourists Ignore Safety Warnings At Malpe Beach Amid Heavy Rainfall

Despite continuous rainfall throughout Sunday, a significant number of tourists flocked to Malpe Beach, ignoring safety warnings issued by the district administration due to the ongoing monsoon season. Despite numerous restrictions and advisories, many visitors were seen entering the water on the southern side of the beach, disregarding lifeguards’ warnings.


To prevent such dangerous activities, safety nets have been installed, and warning signboards have been strategically placed around the beach. However, despite these precautions, tourists were observed entering the water near the Sea Walk Way, blatantly ignoring the safety measures.

Lifeguards have expressed concern over the situation and have requested the assistance of local police to enforce restrictions and prevent tourists from entering the water during the hazardous monsoon period.


Captain Ad 32.5x25 (kannada)