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Bengaluru-Mysuru Expressway: Transforming Connectivity and Tourism

Bengaluru Mysuru Expressway Transforming Connectivity And Tourism

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Bengaluru-Mysuru Expressway on March 12, 2023, heralding a new era of connectivity and development between Karnataka’s capital and its cultural heart. The expressway spans 118 kilometers and has been upgraded to a 10-lane national highway, significantly reducing travel time from Bengaluru to Mysuru to just 90 minutes from the previous 3 hours.

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Key Facts

The project, developed at a cost of approximately Rs 8,480 crore, includes major infrastructure enhancements such as an 8-km elevated corridor, 9 major bridges, 42 minor bridges, 64 underpasses, 11 overpasses, 4 rail over-bridges, and 5 bypasses. It aims not only to ease traffic congestion but also to boost tourism and economic activities in the region.

Tourism and Heritage

The expressway passes through heritage towns like Ramanagara and Mandya, enhancing accessibility to cultural landmarks and boosting tourism potential. It is expected to facilitate easier travel to places like Srirangapatna, Coorg, and Ooty, promoting these destinations as tourist hubs.


Safety Measures and Developments

However, challenges such as safety concerns, particularly involving two-wheelers, have prompted measures like bans and safety audits to ensure the expressway remains safe for all users. Recent developments include the addition of refreshment outlets, foot over-bridges, and ongoing improvements to address drainage and road safety issues.

Impact on Economy

The Bengaluru-Mysuru Expressway is poised to act as a catalyst for socio-economic development by enhancing connectivity between two major cities, facilitating smoother logistics, and supporting the IT and tourism sectors.


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