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Contaminated Water Leads to Illness in Muduvenahalli Village

Contaminated Water Leads To Illness In Muduvenahalli Village

Thirteen individuals in Muduvenahalli village near Kollegal fell ill after consuming contaminated water supplied through the pipeline. This incident occurred just days after a person died under similar circumstances in Mysuru district.


Symptoms and Treatment

Villagers reported symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea after consuming the water and were promptly shifted to Kollegal and treated at the primary health center. Some individuals also experienced discoloration. Officials suspect that sewage and rainwater entering the borewells may have caused the contamination.

Response from Authorities

Deputy Commissioner Shilpa Nag visited the village and instructed officials to supply water via tankers. She also directed them to collect water samples for testing. While the majority of those admitted to the hospital have recovered, three individuals are still undergoing treatment and are expected to be discharged soon.

Villager Demands and Concerns

The villagers have demanded improved sanitation measures and the supply of clean water to prevent further health hazards. Authorities are urged to address these concerns promptly to ensure the well-being of the community.

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