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Ramanagara: Father Allegedly Kills Son Over Money Dispute

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Ramanagara: A tragic incident occurred in Lakkojanahalli in the taluk where a father, Krishnappa allegedly killed his son, Bhaskar 31, who had been tormenting him for money. Krishnappa has been taken into custody by the rural police.


Bhaskar, who had been working in Bengaluru, returned to his village during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then, he became addicted to gambling and alcohol, amassing a significant amount of debt. To pay off his debts, the family had previously sold an acre of land.

Recently, the family sold an additional 14 guntas of land, and Bhaskar persistently demanded this money from his father. This led to frequent fights between the father and son. On the night of the incident, both were reportedly drunk when an argument erupted. Krishnappa, in a fit of rage, attacked Bhaskar with a machete while he was sleeping, delivering a fatal blow to his face. Police sources confirmed that Bhaskar died on the spot.

The rural police have taken Krishnappa into custody and are conducting further investigations into the case.

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