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Innovative Farmer Cultivates Miyazaki Mangoes in Udupi

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A farmer hailing from Shankarapura in Udupi has achieved a remarkable feat by successfully cultivating Miyazaki mangoes, renowned as one of the world’s most expensive mango varieties, within his terrace garden. Joseph Lobo, a pioneering agriculturist specializing in landscaping and farm rejuvenation, has brought forth this prized fruit, valued not only for its exceptional taste but also for its medicinal properties.


Lobo explained to TOI the allure behind Miyazaki mangoes, a sought-after Japanese variety, which has found its way into the hands of several Indian farmers. Commanding prices ranging from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 3 lakh per kg, these mangoes are esteemed for their exquisite flavor and health benefits. While noting the similarity in size to the ‘Mallika’ variety, Lobo attested to the comparable taste, albeit acknowledging ‘Mallika’ as the superior in flavor.

Highlighting the unique attributes of Miyazaki mangoes, Lobo elaborated on their distinct color transformation from purple when unripe to flaming red upon ripening in Japan. However, he noted variations in coastal regions due to humidity and salinity, expressing confidence in the enhancement of color quality in future harvests, understanding the influence of geographical conditions on fruit characteristics.

Lobo’s journey with Miyazaki mangoes began three years ago when he planted a sapling. Despite encountering setbacks last year with failed fruiting, this year marked a promising turn with the emergence of approximately seven fruits. However, challenges persisted due to unfavorable weather conditions, particularly rainfall in January, adversely affecting fruiting.

Undeterred by setbacks, Lobo has diversified his terrace garden, introducing exotic fruits such as white Java plum, Brazilian cherries, and Taiwan oranges, inspired by their successful cultivation in Gulf countries. While his endeavors are not solely profit-driven, he offers grafted plants for sale and nurtures a diverse array of plant species, including the indigenous Shankarapura jasmine.

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