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Udupi Municipal Council Takes Action Against Littering Offenders

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Persistent Littering Issue


Despite ongoing cleanliness drives aimed at maintaining Udupi city’s cleanliness, some residents persist in disposing of garbage along roadsides. This irresponsible behavior undermines the efforts to keep the city free from trash, necessitating a robust response from the municipal council.

Intensified Enforcement

In response to the continued littering, the municipal council has escalated its efforts to confront and penalize those responsible. On May 15, the council took decisive action by apprehending a vehicle driver caught dumping glass debris in front of the wastewater purification unit on NH66 in Nittur.

Penalization of Offenders

The offending driver was promptly fined Rs 5,000 as per the press release issued by the office of the municipal council commissioner. This stringent penalty serves as a stern warning to individuals engaging in littering activities, emphasizing the council’s zero-tolerance stance towards such behavior.

Commitment to Cleanliness

The municipal council reaffirms its commitment to maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of Udupi city. Through proactive enforcement measures and strict penalties, the council aims to deter littering and preserve the city’s aesthetic appeal for residents and visitors alike.


The swift action taken by the Udupi Municipal Council underscores its determination to combat littering and uphold cleanliness standards in the city. By holding offenders accountable and raising awareness about responsible waste disposal practices, the council strives to foster a cleaner and healthier environment for all members of the community.

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