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Youngster Found to Have Drowned in Shambhavi River

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On Tuesday night, the fatal remains of Abhilash (24), who rushed to save his buddies who were drowning in the Shambavi River, were discovered on the shoreline close to Baitota in Hejamadikodi.


During their patrol, Charan, Guru, and Rakesh—all members of the coastal police force—found the body in the waves. With lightning speed, they moved to bring it ashore. The body was later identified by the coast guard, police, and Abhilash’s family after they arrived.

On Sunday, ten friends from Bajpe got together to gather clams beside the Shambavi stream. Abhilash, a local close to Bajpe Adyapadi’s former airport and an experienced swimmer, tried to save two friends who were drowning. Tragically, Abhilash drowned and vanished while the two buddies were saved by a fishing boat crew.

Search operations have been underway at the incident site since Monday, led by Ishwar Malpe and the State Disaster Response Force, with support from the Coast Guard and members of the public.

M M Ramesh and Sharda, the laboring couple of Adyapadi, were the parents of three children, including Abhilash. He was the family’s cornerstone and the only son. His younger sister is presently pursuing her education, while his sibling got engaged just one month ago.

Abhilash was well-known for his athletic prowess and was a volleyball and cricket player. He had been employed by the Railways in Mangaluru on a contract basis for the previous four years after completing his ITI in the mechanics department.

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