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Belagavi to Build New District Stadium to Enhance Sports Infrastructure

Belagavi To Build New District Stadium To Enhance Sports Infrastructure

The Karnataka state government has initiated the construction of a new district stadium in Belagavi to address the inadequacies of the current facility at Nehru Nagar. B Nagendra, the Sports Minister, directed the authorities to plan and execute the construction following appeals from various sports organizations.

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New Stadium Project Details

According to the tender notification, the upcoming district stadium will be constructed on a 9 acres and 26 gunta plot at Ramtirth Nagar. The estimated cost for this project is Rs 7.7 crore, aimed at providing enhanced sports facilities for the city’s sportspersons.


Addressing Sports Community Needs

The decision to build the new stadium aims to meet the growing demands and requirements of Belagavi’s sports community, ensuring modern amenities and adequate infrastructure for various sporting activities.

Future Steps and Development

With the tender issued, the focus now shifts to the planning and execution phases of the project. The new stadium is expected to bolster the city’s sporting capabilities and promote a culture of athletics and recreation among residents.

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