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Content Creator Drives Mercedes Car at 103 Kmph in Mumbai : Video Viral

Content Creator

Mumbai: A video circulating on social media depicts a man recklessly speeding his car along the Mumbai Coastal Tunnel road, surpassing the designated 60 kmph speed limit. The individual, identified as Gajodhar Singh Cool, known for his online content creation, can be seen driving a Mercedes at speeds ranging from 80 to 103 kmph, flagrantly disregarding the prescribed limit. In the video, he audaciously boasts about his driving prowess, stating that he is unfazed by the consequences of his actions due to his knowledge of a loophole, while mockingly mentioning having a prepared 300-word essay as a defense.


Authorities responsible for overseeing road safety had determined that the maximum speed limit for significant sections, particularly the reclamation stretches of the Coastal Road, is 80 kmph, with further reductions within the tunnel to 60 kmph. However, the footage clearly captures Singh exceeding these limits.

This incident draws parallels to a recent high-speed accident involving a Porsche in Pune. Notably, the individual involved in that case, allegedly a minor, was directed to submit a 300-word essay reflecting on their actions, rather than facing severe legal consequences.

In response, Cool produced a satirical essay, titled ‘Porsche In Dahez,’ seemingly aimed at mocking the handling of the Porsche incident. The essay humorously requests the gift of a Porsche Taycan or 911 GT 3 RS, highlighting unrelated skills and traits, and mentioning familial assets near highways for future security.

Cool concludes the essay with a whimsical sign-off, expressing affection, and seemingly parodying the seriousness of the situation.

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