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Free Sunscreen Vending Machines in Netherlands Gain Online Attention


In an effort to combat the rising incidence of skin cancer in the Netherlands, the government of that country decided to provide free sun protection to all of its residents starting in 2023. Recently, a social media video of free sunscreen dispensers in a public park has gone viral. People are shown applying Nivea sunscreen on themselves in turns while the machine is shown to be stocked with the product in the video.

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This coincides with the government’s announcement that sun cream dispensers will be placed throughout the nation in public areas such as parks, festivals, schools, and sports arenas. They went on to say that the goal is for no one to be prevented from getting sun protection because of things like expense or inconvenience.

Since being shared, the clip has amassed over 11.5 million views on the microblogging platform. Free sunscreen vending machines have begun to be placed in public areas in the Netherlands,” reads the caption of the video.

An X user commented, “Whoever thought of this deserves a raise”

“Let me know the exact location, I have some empty bottles need filling,” said a user.

“In India, People will take the machine directly to their home,” commented another person.


“We need this in my country, sunscreen are just so expensive here and there’s too much sun,” remarked a person.

“This is incredible, I just hope they make sure to refill when the sunscreen is out of date,” added a user.

A fifth person said, “This may be my main motivation to visit the Netherlands in the future”

“I wish india does smth like this. We are right at the horizon, literally chilling with the sun. I want my taxes to be put in good use like this,” said a person.

Notably, this was inspired by Australia’s slip-slop-slap campaign. Dutch authorities hope the campaign will turn the act of applying sun cream into an unquestioned habit for all its citizens. Public broadcaster NOS reported that a skin doctor from a clinic had come up with an idea that dispensers used to dispense sanitisers during the pandemic could be used to dispense sunscreen.

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