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Guwahati Railway Station Shopkeeper Overcharging Incident Goes Viral

Guwahati Railway Station

A widely circulated video on social media has sparked concern among viewers, depicting an incident at Guwahati Railway Station where a shopkeeper allegedly attempted to overcharge a customer for a product. The footage, shared on Instagram by user Avi, captures the customer’s purchase of a ₹40 cake, only to be asked by the shopkeeper to pay ₹45. When questioned about the discrepancy in pricing, the shopkeeper appeared agitated and ultimately refunded the extra amount.


The video also shows the shopkeeper making a hostile gesture towards the customer’s phone. According to Avi, the shopkeeper faced consequences for his actions, being fined ₹1,000 and dismissed from his position.

Shared on June 4, the video has garnered over 10.7 million views and attracted numerous reactions. People expressed outrage at the shopkeeper’s behavior, with one individual mentioning similar experiences in Bangalore and another emphasizing the illegality and unethical nature of overcharging beyond the MRP. Many applauded the enforcement of penalties against such misconduct and encouraged others to report similar instances rather than sympathizing with offenders.


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Several commenters shared their own encounters with overcharging, while acknowledging the challenges faced by shopkeepers in high-traffic locations like railway stations. Nonetheless, they criticized the shopkeeper’s actions and called for adherence to pricing regulations despite external pressures.

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