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YouTuber MrBeast Challenges T-Series CEO To Boxing Match


The CEO of T-Series has been challenged to a boxing match by Jimmy Donaldson, a.k.a. MrBeast. This is happening while MrBeast and T-Series, the most subscribed YouTube channel, are getting closer to bridging the subscriber gap. The YouTuber posted a photo of his channel’s subscriber count against T-Series on X (formerly Twitter), captioning it, “I challenge the CEO of T-Series to a boxing match.” Notably, there is no mention of a CEO on the T-Series website. Bhushan Kumar is the Managing Director and Chairman of the company.


Mr Donaldson has experienced a sharp rise in popularity because of his lavish and fascinating videos. His channel’s subscriber base is quickly catching up to T-Series, indicating that an epic clash between the heavyweights of the digital space is imminent.

With 265 million subscribers, T-Series has cemented its supremacy and become a household name on YouTube. MrBeast on the other hand has 259 million subscribers on the video-sharing platform.

Since being shared, his post has amassed over 12.3 million views and two lakh likes on the microblogging platform.

“Wt* 90% of the world subscribe to you bro,” said a user.

Another added, “Should be streamed live on YouTube”

“That’s not happening, bro. Instead, challenge him to invest his efforts in his content as much as you invest. That will be much better for the Indian music scene,” remarked a person.

“History repeats itself once again,” said a user.

A fifth shared, “If only this would actually happen.”

“I would just like to say, don’t make the same mistake Like PewDiePie did,” wrote a person.

A user added, “Anybody else remember the last time the biggest YouTuber went up against T-Series in a playful competition? It didn’t end well.”

Meanwhile, Gulshan Kumar, a music pioneer whose father owned a fruit juice store, established T-Series. The company came up with strategies to outperform its competitors and remain ahead of the curve, from making cassette knockoffs of popular songs to entering the devotional music market. Since his death in 1997, the company has been headed by his son, Bhushan Its main office is in Mumbai.

T-Series has increased to over $101 million as a result of Bhushan Kumar’s decision to adopt modern technology. He started posting music on the internet in the early 2000s and then produced movies, taking advantage of India’s obsession with Bollywood.

Conversely, Mr. Donaldson is well-known for his charitable pursuits and outrageous YouTube videos featuring viral acts, captivating challenges, antics, and large giveaways. He is among the most prosperous YouTube creators ever. The YouTube sensation makes hundreds of millions of dollars annually from his entertaining videos of competitions.

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