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Indian American Lawmakers Advocate Dialogue on Human Rights in India


Washington: Indian American lawmakers emphasized their commitment to addressing human rights concerns in India while also advocating for constructive dialogue rather than lecturing. Congressman Ro Khanna pointed out the historical context of India’s colonial past and suggested that a lecturing approach may not yield productive results. During the “Desi Decides” Summit of Indian American Impact, Khanna, alongside fellow lawmakers Shri Thanedar, Pramila Jayapal, and Dr. Ami Bera, highlighted the importance of engaging in conversations with Indian leadership to collectively advance democracy and human rights.


Khanna stressed the significance of acknowledging the imperfections in both American and Indian democracies and fostering mutual understanding to promote shared values. Dr. Bera echoed Khanna’s sentiments, expressing concerns about India’s secular identity and the importance of preserving democratic principles, drawing a distinction between the political landscapes of the United States and India.

Jayapal echoed the importance of critiquing both domestic and international imperfections, emphasizing the role of Congress in addressing human rights issues while maintaining bilateral partnerships with countries like India. She underscored the need to uphold American values while engaging in dialogue on issues such as freedom of religion and the press.

Thanedar advocated for a strong India-US relationship, emphasizing India’s strategic importance in countering global challenges like China’s aggression. He urged for a commitment to fostering stronger ties between the two nations, recognizing India’s economic and geopolitical significance on the world stage.

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