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Masked Assailant Drags Woman in NYC Attack

A disturbing CCTV video captured an assailant, concealed by a mask, assaulting a woman in New York City. The perpetrator, whose identity remains unknown, approached the woman while his face was obscured by a white cloth. After a brief exchange, he suddenly employed a belt as a weapon, looping it around her neck and forcefully dragging her to the ground.


The victim, rendered unconscious, was then dragged along the sidewalk before the assailant took her between parked cars where the assault occurred. Following the attack, the perpetrator fled the scene. The horrifying incident unfolded at approximately 3 am on May 1 in the Bronx area. The victim, aged 45, was ambushed while walking home.

Subsequently, she was hospitalized and is currently in stable condition. However, reports suggest she has chosen not to cooperate with law enforcement. The New York Police Department continues its search for the suspect, providing a description of him: approximately 5 feet 9 inches tall, dressed in a black “GAP” sweatshirt, white trousers, and black-red-white sneakers.

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