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Strong Winds Push American Airlines Plane Away From Gate

American Airlines

In a bizarre turn of events, a plane at Dallas Fort Worth Airport found itself in an unexpected tango with Mother Nature. Caught on camera, a hefty American Airlines Boeing 737-800, tipping the scales at around 90,000 pounds, experienced an impromptu dance across the tarmac when the loading bridge bid it adieu.


American Airlines disclosed that this aircraft was just one of the “several” casualties of wind gusts roaring at a whopping 80 mph, a tempest that forced the airport to tether up to 700 planes to the ground. Thankfully, the aircraft was devoid of any passengers or crew at the time of the incident. An airline spokesperson reassured the public that maintenance teams are currently combing through every nook and cranny, ready to mend any wounds inflicted by the unexpected aerobatics.

The footage, now a sensation online, has whipped up a storm of reactions across social media platforms.

“Boeing execs, fidgeting nervously: It’s the wind, not the plane. Definitely not the plane,” quipped one observer.

Others shared their astonishment, with one remarking, “This is bonkers,” and another expressing, “Geez. That storm was no joke.”

Meanwhile, not far from the airport, a commercial warehouse faced a similar fate, its roof flattened by the relentless gusts. The winds, unleashing their fury across Texas and its neighbors, wreaked havoc on Tuesday morning, causing a staggering 90 percent of departures from D-FW airport to be either delayed or axed.

Tragically, amidst this chaos, one individual lost their life, and over 600,000 Texans found themselves in the dark as the storms brought yet another round of calamity to a state already grappling with recent hardships.

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